New Session of Live Classes for NTA NET & GATE 2020

Dear Friends,

This is our 3rd session of Live classes. From past experiences, we learned a lot of things regarding live classes and we are constantly trying to evolve our services and classes so that we can give you guys a better experience. These guidelines are a step towards improving the student experience and improve the learning standards within our organization. There are a few points that I would like to point out and maybe we can conduct our classes more efficiently. Let us discuss each issue one by one and figure out the solutions for them.

  1. [Concerns] We have seen that during the beginning of the classes students are very excited to attend and after a few days when the difficult portion comes they tend to drop out. There might be various reasons. 
    1. I feel one of them might be that the students are finding lectures boring as very few jokes and motivational speeches are there in live classes. One reason is that in a classroom environment the scenario is completely different as in classroom teachers can see the faces of students and can interact with them. and in the classroom its easier to make the lectures interesting. In this session, we will try to improve the quality of lectures with more motivational sessions and guidance sessions in between. 
    2. The second reason for dropouts is the facility that the students can watch the lectures later on in recordings. Well, obviously this is the beauty of live classes that you can watch the lectures later. So it’s up to you that you want to attend all live classes or skip a few lectures. I would recommend that you should maintain consistency in attending lectures. even if you miss 1 class .. you break the flow and then the next day onwards you might not want to attend the lecture because now you will get a burden to review previous lectures plus break inflow. So don’t leave today’s lectures for tomorrow.
    3. The third reason might be running two or three subjects parallelly. So this time we will focus on one subject and once a subject is finished we will take the next subject. Without fully completing one subject we will not take a new subject. 
    4. The fourth issue might be deadlines in completing a subject. So we will keep deadlines and we will put our 100% efforts to meet the deadlines. Classes will not get canceled even if very few students are available to attend the class. We will finish every subject within a fixed deadline.
  2. [Improvements] To make it easier to resolve your doubts instantly. On our new platform i.e. we are embedding a new Chat system so that you can instantly post your doubt to the teacher and our team will resolve your doubt instantly. 
  3. [Improvements] On our new platform all the previous year papers are already embedded. (I think you must have seen it) So you can take benefit of it to practice previous year papers 
  4. [Improvements] We are embedding a Quiz based system in our new platform so that you can answer the quiz to practice your previous year problems
  5. [Improvements] Instead of providing test series later on after the month of March/April we will provide you the access to the test series in the Month of January.
  6. [Improvements] In the last session we provided you Notes in PPT’s and presentations. Those PPT’s and presentations will be available with you at all times plus I will also make some short concise notes for you to revise the lecture. before every lecture, I will share my lecture plan and complete outline of the lecture. Most of the times these short notes will be handwritten notes.
  7. [Suggestions] Students tend to make their own personal Telegram/Whatsapp Groups. Please refrain from that. we are trying to improve from our side. Please do not let anyone spread any negative rumors or negativity among the students. It’s better if you all motivate each other rather than criticizing the institution. It’s our common tendency in India that we always criticize the government and rules, rather than following the rules and trying to improve. Improvement is a combined effort. You put a step forward from your end we will put two steps forward.
  8. [Concerns] Generally lectures in live classes tend to be slow-paced as compared to the classroom because we have to wait for the response of every student that they understood. We will increase the number of hours of classes and we will make sure that the lectures will not be very slow-paced. we will try and implement some improvements in our teaching platform. 
  9. [Big Improvement] We will introduce you to a forum to discuss previous year questions and problems. We want some of you to come forward to help us to resolve the doubts of other students and answer the questions on the platform. We are trying to introduce a ranking system for the students. Top-ranked students will get rewards from us for their contribution to the platform.
  10. [Suggested Improvement] We are thinking to introduce a reward-based System so that the students who are most sincere will get motivated and benefit from our end. Let’s see how we roll out this one. but we are thinking about it. 
  11. [Request] If you have any issues regarding the lectures or any other issues instead of discussing in the group please send us a Personal message. We really don’t want anyone to give or have a negative review about us. our Courses work because of word of mouth. We want all of you to be happy and have a positive impact on the course.

Any other suggestions and improvements. Please do send me a personal message. 


Himanshu Kaushik

Director – Digiimento Education

December 12, 2019

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